Autistic Art – A Brand Identity Design Project by Laszlo Polgar & Dora Sos


The Laszlo Polgar and Dora Sos are art director – UX/UI designers in indonasia. They works together and interested in graphic design, UX/UI, branding projects!. “Autistic Art” is one of their best projects of their work.

Their task was to create an identity for Autistic Art, a design brand of Mosoly Otthon Foundation. The foundation supports autistic children and gown-ups alike, among others by organizing regular drawing activities for them – and sells products that feature artworks created during these classes.

They wanted to build the identity around a symbol that refers both to the autistic people and the foundation who are behind the whole concept. This symbol has become the window – a bridge between the inner World of their beneficiaries and their environment (including the foundation and the consumer of the branded products). They were determined to use this symbol in the way autistic people would like it the most: severely and clear-out.

They needed a dynamic logo because no two autistic people are the same. They created a dynamic logo that can feature an infinite number of artworks – embodying the diversity of the disorder spectrum they call autism. The light streaming through the window shows always a pattern made by an autistic artist, making their appearences both human and emotional.

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